How Easy is that ?


Coming soon !!

·         Easy answers to tough questions….

·         No rambling, no discussion,  no flaming !!! Just the questions and the solution.

·         Primarily aimed at solving PC problems, but we may surprise you with some other snippets.

·         No need to search and search, reading through 20 pages in a forum only to find the answer isn’t clear, wasn’t tested, or is off-topic.


I just want the answer !!!!  Not suggestions … not experiments   not something you haven’t actually tried yourself!    HELP !


Let’s just make it easy!

I’m in the process of collecting together solutions for the various problems I have encountered in my 25 years of Level 3 computer support. will be an easy place to come to when you are looking for answers.


My background is providing automated installations for tens of thousands of PCs, and ‘scripted’ solutions to fix problems and provide updates as well as final line support.

We are Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2k and NT experts (also server design, group policy, scripting, security and  virtualization experts). We work for large corporates but we also build our own PCs, upgrading and tweaking them, as well as providing support and advice for friends and friends of friends as well as servicing a number of small businesses. We love PCs !


This site is not yet ready; meanwhile if you would like to contribute an article, providing a question and a concise and easy to read answer that you have personally tested, please email